Columbarium & Memorial Wall

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a group of small compartments or “niches” to hold the cremated remains (cremains) of a loved one who has died. It can be a place of remembrance, contemplation, meditation and prayer.

Why a columbarium at FPC?

  • Provides comfort to the family having a memorial to their deceased family member within the church.
  • Affirms our faith that those who die in the Lord remain not only with God, but with all those who have gone before us in the faith and also with the living.
  • Is a visible sign that the church cares for their members from birth and baptism through death and eternal life.
  • Offers a practical and comfortable way to make advance plans, relieving the surviving family of difficult decisions.
  • Is theologically sound and environmentally friendly.

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What will be included in the purchase of a niche?

A niche will hold two urns. The purchase price includes the niche, the future inscription of the stone face, the bronze urn and the urn identification plate. Single and double niches are available. There will be no additional cost at the time of inurnment. The price of a single niche (one urn) is $1200 and the price of a shared niche (two urns) is $1500.


FPC members and their families as well as former members and friends of the congregation are eligible for inurnment.

Memorial Wall

In addition to a columbarium, FPC has a memorial wall. The memorial wall is a way to honor a person living or deceased and provide a loving reminder of this person for the future. If your final resting place is elsewhere, reserving a plaque for yourself might be something that you would like to consider. By reserving a plaque for yourself and/or your family members in advance, you will ensure that your family plaques are located together.

Planning Assistance

The columbarium guidelines, the application form for the columbarium or the memorial wall purchase agreement may be downloaded. For further information contact the Church Office or Dennis Ferrell.

If you would like help planning your or a loved one’s funeral or memorial service