Staff & Leadership

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Rev. Kati Collins, Interim Pastor/Head of Staff
Pastor, artist, preacher, mother and neighbor, Rev. Kati Collins delights in the collaborative nature of life, when adults, children, youth, elders, animals, the earth, plants, and all of creation joins with God in the re-creation and healing of our world. Pastor Kati graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary with her Masters of Divinity in 2011... [Read More...]
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Leigh Miller, Coordinator for Children & Youth
Leigh Miller (she/hers) joined the FPC as the part-time Coordinator for Children & Youth in June of 2023. She holds a Master's of Christian Education from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education and has worked as an educator for over twenty years. [Read More...]
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Jenna Campbell, Director of Children and Youth Ministry
Jenna Campbell (she/her) served as the Director of Children and Youth Ministry from 2017 - June 2023. She is taking a year leave of absence and will return in July 2024. A graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in Family Relations and Child Development, Jenna earned a Master’s in Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA. [Read More...]
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Rebecca te Velde, Organist
Becky has served FPC Stillwater as organist since 1991 and director of music since 2014. She is an active performer, composer, clinician, teacher, and editor for Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists. [Read More...]
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Mary Beth Garoffolo, Office and Finance Assistant
Mary Beth comes from small town Indiana and holds a BS in special education from the University of Cincinnati. After teaching in Ohio and Indiana, and working various jobs in newspapers... [Read More...]
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Magdalena Vinson, Church Administrator
Magdalena (she/hers) has served as Church Administrator since 2016. She holds a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature from Smith College, an M.S. in Environmental Studies & Environmental Education from Antioch University New England... [Read More...]
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Dana Brown, Director of the Presbyterian Preschool
Dana is the Director of the Presbyterian Preschool. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood. She received a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with a specialization in reading. [Read More...]

Currently Serving Church Officers

   Elders    Deacons    Trustees
Jean Aresco (2023) Anne Belanus (2024)/             Co-Moderator Andrea Arquitt (2024)
Ken Belanus (2024) Sharon Bennett (2024) Larry Caldwell (2025)/Secretary
Jenny Bobo (2024) Josh Butcher (2023)/               Co-Moderator Virginia Charter (2023)
Vivyanne Bobo (youth) Autumn Cagle (2023) William Cole (2025)/Vice-Chair
Belinda Bruner (2024) Holly Chermack (2025) Dennis Ferrell (2023)/Chair of Trustees
Kiah Butcher (2023) Mary Beth Garoffolo (2024) Billy McCollom (2023)
Cathy Conway (2025) Gary Holland (2023)
Cathy Fairbanks (2023)/Treasurer Ellen Ingram (2025)
Judy Ferrell (2024) Ava Osborn (2024)
Donna Koeppe (2024) Ella Parsons (youth)
Tim Krehbiel (2024) Terry Shreve (2025)
Lisa McGaw (2025) Betsy Showalter (2023)
Dustin Reavis (2025) Gerald Stangl (2024)
Rusty Rex (2023) Aaron Stoutzenberger (2025)
Courtney Savage (2023) Ann Watkins (2024)
David Silver (2025) Janet Waugh (2023)
Jill Stoutzenberger (2023) Stan Waugh (2023)
Kathy Thomas (2025) Eric Windhausen (2025)
John te Velde (2024)
John Gelder/Clerk of Session